Need Rotten Wood Replacement or Pressure Washing?

Need Rotten Wood Replacement or Pressure Washing?

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The wood on the exterior of your home gives it a beautiful look, but rotten wood can easily hinder your home’s appearance. When rain and moisture cause wood to rot, it needs to be removed right away to prevent foundation damage. Maintain your home’s look and structural integrity by hiring Hollon Rehab for rotten wood replacement in Crystal Springs, MS.

We’ll remove the rotten wood on your deck, window sill or siding. After replacing it with new wood, we’ll paint it to match the rest of your home’s exterior. Call us today to receive a free estimate.

Make your home’s exterior shine with pressure washing

We also offer pressure washing services in the Crystal Springs, MS area. The exterior of your home falls victim to daily wear and tear and dirt buildup over time. The best way to remove stubborn dirt and stains is to hire a professional pressure washing service. We’ll make your sidewalks, decks and exterior walls look like new.
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